Student Profile – Ana Ramos

Ana proudly shows off her violin

For Ana, the best part of El Sistema Colorado is “that we get to play our instruments.”

Ana is a fifth grade violin student who began with El Sistema Colorado as part of our pilot program in January 2012 at Garden Place Elementary. She thrives in the after-school program, which runs 2 ½ hours each day, Monday – Thursday. When asked what she finds difficult about El Sistema, Ana acknowledges “It is tough to learn new songs without forgetting the songs you already know.”

This summer, Ana got a special surprise. Her father wanted to reward all the time and effort she puts into El Sistema and was able to purchase a used violin for her. Ana is so proud of having her own violin and of her developing skills as a musician. Ana shares that her favorite school subjects are writing and reading, and that she also likes “hanging out with my friends in El Sistema.”

While students focus on the fun of learning and playing instruments, Ana is a good example of the development of cognitive skills, such as memory and auditory acuity, which are also important outcomes of the El Sistema program.

Photo: Ana proudly shows off her violin