Congratulations Kindergarteners!

A real violin! Proud Kindergarteners receive their violins.

Over 175 Kindergarten students from Garden Place and Swansea Elementary Schools gave “Paper Violin Concerts” this month – and graduated to real violins. Hundreds of family and community members were on hand to cheer on their students.

El Sistema programs have been using paper mache violins for many years to introduce students to the instrument. Initially, the paper violins were a stand-in because there were not enough real violins, but the practice proved to be very successful from a pedagogical perspective, allowing youngsters to learn basics, such as the part of the violin, handling and positioning.

In September, families came together to create paper mache violins for each El Sistema Colorado kindergarten student. The students practiced with their paper violins in September and October, getting ready for their big graduation.

A special thanks to donors who contributed towards the purchase of violins for our young musicians and attending the graduation events to give each child their violin. On hand were the Butler Family represented by Nancy and Tony Accetta, Katherine and Alex Martinez, Kathy Newman and Rudi Hartmann, Mary, Sophia and Lucy Park, Michael Frank and Michael Miera, representing the Denver Office of Economic Development.