J.J. Martin Bow Donation

In early January, El Sistema Colorado received an incredible gift in the form of a Jean Joseph Martin violin bow made in the 1870’s from Vuillaume’s shop in Paris. 

We were contacted by a new donor, Alice, who had inherited the bow from her father who was a gifted violinist and professor. Alice spent several years working with prominent instrument shops in New York and Chicago learning more about the history and true value of the bow. 

This incredible bow has an estimated value of $20,000. 

Knowing how our program impacts students’ lives, Alice contacted ESC to donate the bow for us to sell to support our music education programs. ESC’s preferred luthier, Luther Strings, was able to verify that this bow is truly something extraordinary and is consigning the bow on our behalf.

The proceeds from the sale of the J.J. Martin violin bow will be used to fund the entirety of ESC’s 2021 summer programs. Help us find a buyer for this bow!

Watch the video below to hear President and Owner of Luther Strings, Christopher Luther, demonstrate the unique sound and performance of such a high-quality bow. 

If you want to make a difference at ESC, please consider sharing this article and video with musicians or collectors who might be interested in purchasing a bow of such a tremendous caliber. 

Curious to play the bow yourself? Visit Luther Strings to try it out! Contact Luther Strings at (720) 510-3184 or via email at chris@lutherstrings.com.